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2011 Flight Competition Results

Jeff Guynes

Jeff Guynes, Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 31 October 2011 – The past week has been very hectic. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am the captain of the Ohio University Flying Bobcats, OU’s flight team. Over the past week we hosted the regional flight team competition here at OU’s airport. It was a very eventful and fun week with the other teams in town.

OU competed very well throughout the competition. We placed third overall in our region, placing first in flight events and third in ground events. Earning third place gives the Flying Bobcats a bid to the national competition in Salina, Kansas this Spring!

Personally I competed in the E6B event (an aviation math based test), the SCAN event (which tests the rules and regulations of aviation), both the power on and power off spot landing events, the message drop or bomb drop event, and the navigation event as well. I placed 6th in navigation, 6th in SCAN, 5th in the power on landing event, and 3rd in the power off landing event. I earned 39 points in total for the team. I had a great week competitng and can’t wait to start practice for the Spring National competition!

ASCE Activities

Ivan Caballero

Ivan Caballero, Senior,
Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 28 October 2011 – Throughout my whole collegiate career I have been a member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). ASCE is one of many engineering organizations here in Ohio University as well as one of the biggest civil engineering organizations in terms of members. Meetings occur on a bi-weekly basis throughout each quarter where a speaker comes in and talks about a certain civil engineering topic or what they do in their profession. Along with meetings, there is also a social every quarter, and a competition every year.

The OVSC (Ohio Valley Student Conference) is the yearly competition that our ASCE organization is involved in. This competition is broken down into several sub-competitions which include a steel bridge, concrete canoe, surveying, AutoCAD, environmental, and an ethics essay competitions. I am currently working on the steel bridge team where we design and construct a bridge based on specifications given by the OVSC. At the competition our bridge will compete with nine other universities’ bridges, where the bridges are judged based on construction time, deflection, weight, aesthetics, side sway, and total load capacity.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this organization for these past four years. It is a good way to meet people in your major and be a part of some friendly competition with other universities here in Ohio. I would recommend joining ASCE especially to all of the incoming civil engineering students.

Preparing for Halloween

Joe Schilling

Joe Schilling, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 27 October 2011 – The quarter is almost finished and with that comes my favorite holiday, Halloween. Athens is one of the most haunted places on earth, and adds to the overall experience during fall quarter. Ohio University is known for having one of the largest Halloween parties in the nation. Every year the costumes get more creative and it is fun to see everyone walking down Court Street. I always seem to recognize a few familiar faces, as most students from other universities will attend. With such a busy schedule, it is a nice change of pace before the quarter ends. My freshman year a few friends and I went as the gang from the movie “Newsies”, and last year I went as the “Orkin Man”.

Every year I like to start off my Halloween by carving pumpkins. This year I decided to show my bobcat pride by carving the iconic paw print.
Another activity that Halloween brings is going to a haunted house. This weekend a few friends and I will be going to either “The TerrorFest” which is located in the brewery district or “Dead Acres” which is located in Pataskala. I have not been to a haunted house in a long time so it should be a fun event.

Theta Tau and Cedar Point

Bradley Lang

Bradley Lang, Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 24 October 2011 – I recently was able to do something that, being a student, I never thought I would be able to do. Theta Tau the professional engineering fraternity did a fundraiser that we went to Cedar Point to work. I worked the Wind Seeker all weekend long. When we arrived to Cedar Point we had a two-hour training so we could check the seat belts on the rides. Then we were finished we were able to ride rides until midnight when the ride closed and everything was completely free. Meeting all the new people that were actual Cedar Point workers was a ton of fun. I also felt pretty important for putting up the thumb to let everybody know that the ride was ready to shoot off. That was an experience that I would never of had without being in Theta Tau.

Human Factors Class

Devin Liskey

Devin Liskey, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 24 October 2011 – This quarter I’m taking an ergonomics course. Ergonomics closely related and sometimes synonymous with Human Factors, which is my professional concentration. The basic idea of these disciplines is to study processes and equipment and see how they interact with the people using them both physically and mentally.

Auburn University is hosting an ergonomics design competition and our class is participating. The competition is identifying characteristic risk factors and musculoskeletal disorders that occur within different instrument groups. Each team must include:

1. The body parts at risk
2. The level of the ergonomic risk
3. The force, posture, duration or repetition characteristics that contribute to that risk
4. The early warning symptoms as that risk begins to manifest itself into the early stages of occupational illness, and
5. Things that the person might be able to do which will slow down the progression of the illness.

We also had something called ‘Lightning Rounds’; unannounced competition requirements that once announced are due in 24 hours. These included making up ergonomic terms that were previously not found in the field. All the terms tended to be silly and have a low probability of working their way into popular use in the field. One of the words my group came up with was Ergovision. Ergovision is the ability to see designs or situations that are potentially harmful or create a risk factor. Our second lightning round requirement was to create a ten minute video demonstrating how to use two to three tools we used during the competition to gather information. My team demonstrated the proper use of a hand dynamometer and a pinch grip dynamometer.

My team, Triceraptorergodonasaurus, chose our team name by trying to combine every dinosaur name we could think of. Here is our official logo below.