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Visiting TTX

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 12 March 2014 – Earlier this week, the Engineering Ambassadors went on our annual professional development corporate trip. This year, we went to Chicago for a couple of days and visited different companies and met several OU alumni. The companies ranged from a fry grease regeneration and processing facility to a civil engineering firm that inspected the structure of some of the city’s iconic skyscrapers.

One of the places we visited was TTX, a railcar pooling company. This company fills a unique niche in that it rents its iconic yellow railcars to the major railways for as long as they are needed, and then the cars are transported short distances to the location to where they can be used next, similar to a rental car company.


This was one of the most interesting companies because it appealed to the broad range of engineers present, and we were all able to see real-life applications of our own discipline as well as the other engineering disciplines. The mechanical engineers were able to see how the cars themselves were designed and retrofitted to meet the changing demands. The aviation majors drew parallels between the railcars and airplanes in the amount of time the vehicle could stay in use as well as required inspections. As an industrial engineer, I was interested to learn about the logistics of the railcar movements as well as the way this method was more efficient than the individual railways buying their own cars. We all benefitted from seeing the business side of engineering required in finding what the market requires and negotiating with clients.

All of the employees we talked to at TTX were very hospitable and more than willing to answer all the questions that we had. All the engineers who went enjoyed the trip; it was enlightening, showing us how much more applications there are in the engineering field than anyone realizes. It was encouraging to get outside the classroom and see real-life applications, especially seeing the work that OU graduates were doing in the years after leaving Athens.

Breakfast with an Alum

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 19 October 2011 – Another great part of Homecoming weekend is interacting with all the alumni who come back. I had the chance to have breakfast with one particular alum, Ms. Carla Lucchino. She is currently the Assistant for Administration to the Secretary of the Navy, which means she works in the Pentagon; and her boss regularly attends soirees with the President at the White House. She returned to OU this Homecoming to receive the Ohio University Medal of Merit for her accomplishments.

She received her Masters from Ohio University in industrial and systems engineering. From there she worked as Assistant Chief of Operations Management at the Defense Logistics Agency, where she helped make part of the Army more efficient.

She has worked for the Defense Logistics Agency, Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Space, and the Defense Contract Management Agency. After many more prestigious titles she now works for the Secretary of the Navy. For her current position, she works as a kind of ‘mayor’ to her section of the Pentagon, where anyone in her section can come to her with any type of issue and she figures out how to solve it. She oversees numerous employees and makes sure they continuously work to her standards.

Not only did this breakfast open my eyes to some possibilities of where I could be working if I work hard enough, but she also gave us resume and interview tips. Now she is the one holding interviews and reading over resumes. It was pretty cool that someone who has held these types of jobs and has accomplished so much graduated from Ohio University, and was willing to have breakfast with me because I am currently a student at OU.

Homecoming 2011

Abby Frankart

Abby Frankart, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 18 October 2011 – Homecoming at Ohio University is not only a fun opportunity for alumni to enjoy college again, but it is also a great weekend for current students.

To start, there is the parade that goes the wrong way up one-way Court Street. The street lines up with students supporting student organizations, Athens fire department and law enforcement, political parties, and the homecoming court. Voting for homecoming king and queen is a tradition not left behind in high school (though the homecoming dance is!!).

There is also the chance to show your school spirit by attending the football game. This year the stadium was packed with undergrads, grad students, and alumni alike in support of the Bobcats.

Another great opportunity that many don’t associate with homecoming is the fact that a lot of distinguished alumni come back to campus. This homecoming I had the privilege of meeting Carla Lucchino who is the highest ranked civilian in the Navy and recent recipient of the Medal of Merit from Ohio University. Myself and a few other students were able to listen to her speak in one of our classes as well as have breakfast with her.

Showing school spirit, meeting distinguished alumni, and enjoying the parade are just some of the fun things during homecoming weekend.

Homecoming Pride

Bill Kandel

Bill Kandel, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 October 2011 – This weekend reminded me how beautiful Athens can be in the fall. The temperature was perfect–in the low 70’s, the skies were clear, and the smell of fall filled the air. Yet this weekend was not about the weather; this weekend, like all things Ohio University, was about the people. It was about bringing together of the entire Bobcat family, with people from all over the nation, and even world, to celebrate the Green and White. Alumni, facility, staff, and students all witnessed many heartwarming experiences this homecoming. Alumni filled the stadiums, streets, and bars renewing Ohio University pride for another year.

The Homecoming parade was probably my favorite part of the entire weekend. Thousands of alumni, students, facility and their children filled the street united in their sense of Ohio pride. The Marching 110 topped off the parade in the company of the alumni band in a beautiful demonstration of Ohio unity. You’re not a Bobcat for four years; you’re a Bobcat for life. I had the honor of meeting people that graduated in the 1960’s to 5 year old children wearing Bobcat shirts that read “Class of 2028” (If that doesn’t make you feel old I don’t know what will). Regardless the reason for being there it was great to see the pride of Ohio at its finest. There’s no place like Ohio University home.