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Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering

Talli Topp

Talli Topp,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH dd Month 2014 – Thinking about graduation is becoming all more frequent and all more real. I can’t believe that it is just a few weeks away. My plan for after graduation is to continue onto graduate school and study Biomedical Engineering. Prior to starting graduate school, I have a summer internship in Maine working at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. I am very excited about both my internship and attending graduate school. The two fields are very different from one another, but I feel like they will both present me with a unique challenge and keep me very engaged, so I look forward to each of them!

Making a decision between getting a job right after graduating and going straight to graduate school as a very tough decision, and one that took me a very long time to make. I went to a job interview after being accepted to graduate school, and the benefits and stability seemed so enticing. But, after thinking it over and talking with a lot of different people all with conflicting opinions, I realized that what I ultimately want to do with my life is help people. The field of Biomedical Engineering is the best avenue I can think of to do that, and graduate school is the first step in doing so. After finally making this big decision, I am very happy to have the stress of not knowing what I will be doing next year off of my shoulders!

Preparing for Summer Co-op

Weston Martin

Weston Martin,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 30 March 2014 – As summer gets closer and the semester comes to an end, the stress of finals and final projects builds up. At times it can seem overwhelming but by the grace of God I seem to be keeping my head above the immense pile of work I have. One of the things that helps keep me motivated is looking at the bigger picture. If I focus on the amount of work I have and the little time I have to do it I can become discouraged, but if I look past the terror of finals week I start to see the purpose behind my efforts I am much more relaxed and productive. For me, one of the lights at the end of the tunnel is my upcoming co-op.

A co-op is kind of like an internship that focuses more on hands-on experience and training in your field. They are typically longer than an internship and are always paid. This summer I have been blessed with the opportunity to co-op at a company called Ariel Corporation. Ariel is the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors. Although gas compressors are mostly dealt with by mechanical engineers, the nice thing about a computer science degree is that you are needed anywhere and everywhere. Ariel has some web services that I will be working with and possibly other areas as well. I am not entirely sure what all I will be doing, but I know that whatever I end up doing I will gain a lot of great experience and have a lot of fun doing it. (Not to mention getting paid to do it too!)

Internship at Electro Science Lab

Daron DiSabato

Daron DiSabato,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 December 2013 – Over the past summer I completed an internship at the Ohio State University Electro Science Laboratory where I worked on a graduate level research project for the U.S. Navy. The project dealt with designing and building a code division multiple access (CDMA) cellular communication transceiver which was more power efficient, more cost effective, and had a smaller package size than current models in production.

The project was still in the early stages of design when I joined the team, and we began working on the analog front-end of the receiver. The first job I had was to run simulations of the circuitry in PSpice and AWR Microwave office to verify that the proposed designs would work before we purchased components and built the device. Over several weeks I was able to gain some great experience working with the software. We ran simulations using various different chips and circuit components. The ones that performed the best in simulation were the ones that we selected to be implemented in the design.

The second job I had during this project was to order the selected circuit components and build prototype breadboard circuits in the lab. I spent the next several weeks running various tests and fine-tuning the circuits to make sure they were performed to the expectations observed in the software simulations. After settling on the most optimum circuit design, my final job was to design the printed circuit boards that would be used in the actual device. This was the most difficult part of my interesting but also the most exciting. I used the industry standard PCB layout software, Cadence Allegro, and it had a very steep learning curve. Despite the challenge of learning the software, I was able to design two printed circuit boards for the device, which I have shown in the attached pictures.

PCB Design
PCB Design

Finally after four months since I completed the internship, they are finally printing the circuit boards I designed. I can’t wait to go back and see them in action spring semester!

On-Campus Construction Engineering Work

Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 17 October 2013 – This fall semester I came across a wonderful opportunity working with Turner Construction Company on the Walter Field House. The Walter Field house consists of a full-size football field with a four lane track enclosing the field. Construction at the end of Spring semester and at the beginning of the Fall semester they started placing the vertical columns.

Walter Field House Construction

Walter Field House Construction

Now eight weeks into the project, they have 80 percent of the steel structure complete with walls being built every day.  In addition, the roof is starting to cover nearly 25 percent of the structure. I get to work with the project superintendent, David Stanton. Therefore, I get to learn firsthand what all goes into the $12 million project.  Furthermore, I am involved with Construction documentation, Quality assurance, Site coordination, and Information distribution. This experience is great and for this field house to be built on Ohio University’s campus is so cool to be a part of.

Walter Field House Construction

Walter Field House Construction

One of the coolest things to see is the roofing structure being built. This is because the field is an open area, the girders for the roof are massive, causing two sections to be placed at the same time in order to help support each other. They do this by using two cranes, lifting them at the same time, and placing them with less than a foot clearance at the peak of the structure. 

Walter Field House Construction

Walter Field House Construction

Additionally, I work with a great group of guys. The foremen teach me something new every day I am there.  Overall, this experience benefits me due to the fact that over the past two years I have been contemplating about going into construction management. It gives me great experience and I’ve learned that it is something I enjoy doing.

Summer in St. Louis

Grant Rhue

Grant Rhue,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 10 September 2013 – This summer I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to work in the airline industry. I was fortunate enough to be invited to St. Louis by Trans States’ Director of Operations, Keith Stamper, an Ohio University Aviation alumnus, for a flight operations internship with the regional carrier, Trans States Airlines. The airline had originally started operations in the early 1980’s as Resort Air, later becoming Trans World Express for TWA, and now flying for United and US Airways.

While I was in St. Louis for the summer, I participated in a wide variety of airline operations, from rewriting the new-hire systems integration training on the Embraer jets to assisting with the company’s new hire interview process, by sitting in on the simulator evaluations in a Sabreliner simulator. Every day I went to work, I learned more and more about what it takes to run something as complex as a regional airline.

The mentors I had at the airline made as much effort as possible to expose me to the different aspects of an air carrier, giving me different tasks ranging from working on recurrent training programs for crew schedulers to meeting aircraft at the airport to audit and update the manuals on-board the aircraft. The company felt like one giant family, all working to achieve the same goal of making the airline better. I truly feel that by going and working with the airline’s management team, it was by far one of the best decisions of my career so far. After being a part of the Trans States family for the summer, I can’t wait to go back and be a part of the company as a pilot!