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Fall Season is Here!

Rachel Fryan

Rachel Fryan,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 26 September 2014

Fall is in full swing here at Ohio University. Even though the temperature is in the high 70s/low 80s, it is still fall. My favorite thing about the campus is its beauty, and fall is the prettiest time of year around here. All the trees start changing color and it is just a busy time of year. All the fall sports are in full swing so there is always something to do or go to. Also Homecoming is right around the corner, which is always a fantastic time in Athens.

Other than extra curricular activities, school is in full swing as well. I am taking a victory lap because I am pursuing a double major and am also on the
OU women’s soccer team
, but it is still hard to believe I am 1/3 of the way through my last fall semester of college. It is a bittersweet relationship. Everyone who is not in college says to enjoy this time, but I am certainly ready to move on and start working.

This week we had a Career Fair with the university as well as one for only the Russ College. It is nice we have an exclusive career fair, because you know going into it, companies are looking strictly for people in engineering and technology. I have gotten a few interviews and I’m looking forward to moving on in the career process, which will hopefully result in a full-time job soon.

Preparing for P&G After Graduation

Nichole Lowe

Nichole Lowe,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2014 – Ohio University, specifically Russ College, has allowed me to reach my goals. When I graduate, I will be working for Procter & Gamble Research and Development for their Beauty department. Since my freshman year, I have always known that P&G was my dream company. The education here at OU prepared me to be successful in two internships for P&G which led to my full-time job offer.

There is also a lot of assistance here beyond the academics. I had my resumé looked at by the Russ College co-op office and even did a mock interview to prepare myself. Another important resource on OU’s campus that I used sophomore year for my job interview was the quiet rooms provided at Baker for phone and Skype interviews. This was very useful because I did not have to worry about anyone interrupting my interview or having a lot of background noise.

Now that I have already accepted my full time job offer, I am currently in the process of preparing my new apartment. This has truly been an exciting time for me. Despite living in apartments here at OU for two years, getting an apartment for my job feels more official. This process has made me realize that I am truly entering into the real world. Furniture and apartment shopping has been the highlight of the post-graduation plans.

It’s exciting to already know what I will be doing when I graduate and to reflect on the four great years I’ve had as an Ohio university student. I look forward to graduation day and receiving my diploma so I can officially call myself an Ohio University Alum.

Computer Science Career Preparation

Weston Martin

Weston Martin,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 24 February 2014 – One of the things I love about the computer science field is that the opportunities for careers seem almost endless. In recent years, the need for computer science majors has skyrocketed. This is very good news for anyone seeking a degree in CS (and many other engineering majors) because lots of need means lots of jobs.

Although it is very nice to not have to struggle with the thought of “am I even going to get a job after I graduate,” I still have the question of “how do I make sure I don’t hate my job?” Even if you love computer science you could potentially get a job you don’t like. If your interest is in developing new software then you don’t want to get stuck as a database administrator, and if your interest is in operating systems then you may not want to get stuck developing websites. So, how do you make sure you get the job you want?

The answer to that question is a two-part answer: you need to make yourself stand out and you need to pursue your interests. Luckily Ohio University and the Russ College are dedicated to partnering with students to help make these happen.

First, OU offers free (and paid) tutoring, and extra help sessions for difficult classes to make sure you have the resources to do well in your classes. This is crucial because one great way to make yourself stand out is to have a high GPA. However, although a good GPA is almost essential, what really makes you stand out from other students is experience. That means co-ops, internships, and/or undergraduate research.

Not only do these get you experience, they also help you pursue different interests without making long term commitments. This is where the Russ College offers a lot of assistance. They get companies to visit for career fairs specific to the college of engineering and they have staff members who are devoted to helping you get the co-op or internship that you desire. Then with your high GPA and your loads of experience, you will be a shoo-in for whatever job you desire.

Preparing Others for the Career Fairs

Talli Topp

Talli Topp,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 20 February 2014 – Earlier this week, both Ohio University and the Russ College of Engineering and Technology hosted career fairs. Career fairs are a great way to find internships or full-time positions with great companies. As a senior, I have been to quite a few career fairs now, and so have many of my friends. Most of my mechanical engineering friends and I are members of the Mechanical Engineering Student Advisory Board (ME SAB). In order to pass along some of our knowledge, the SAB members hosted a career fair prep session last week before for anyone who was planning on attending the career fair and wanted to know more about what to expect.

We had a PowerPoint that went through some of the things that we thought were most important, from how to prepare to how to dress. But, what I feel was most useful for those who attended, was being able to ask questions to students who had been there before. There were a lot of us upperclassman that attended the prep session and we all answered as many questions as we could!

I saw a number of the students who attended the prep session at the career fair the following week looking confident and excited. Being able to help out my fellow students on anything from homework to landing an internship is a great feeling, and something that I find I am always able to do at Ohio University.

Job Searching

Eric Abboud

Eric Abboud,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 16 February 2014 – First off, I want to give a shout out to my fellow ETM Engineering Ambassador Steven Crane. Congratulations on the job buddy! Steve is one of many ETM students receiving job offers prior to graduation. However, I have yet to find the right job for me so I’ll continue my search and the upcoming career fair will be an awesome tool. Although a few people (peers and professors) tried to get me to the engineering career fairs for the past few years, I didn’t understand the importance. I went to my first career fair last year and now have a new appreciation for this awesome networking tool.

It’s one thing to apply to jobs online but it’s an entirely different experience actually talking to company representatives in person. That’s what the career fair offers. Over twenty booths will be set up in the lobby of Stocker Center and the Academic Research Center, each of which will have two to three company representatives. Unlike the larger career fair that is held in Baker Center, the engineering career fair is catered specifically to engineering and technology majors. A few weeks before the fair begins, each department sends out a memo stating which companies will be attending, and what majors they are looking for. This makes preparation easy because I know what companies to research, and visit at the fair.

Now I’ll be honest, the fair was slightly awkward for me the first time I went. I wasn’t comfortable physically and psychologically. I never dress up so getting dressed up and walking through a crowd drove me a little crazy. Then there’s the psychological aspect. I’m not one to brag, so walking up to a complete stranger and selling my skills and abilities was strange. However, once I got over the initial nervousness it became second nature.

The next career fair is coming up this week so I’ll be a little more prepared this time around. In order to be more comfortable at the career fair I’ve prepared an “elevator speech” and got a little more comfortable in the clothes I’ll be wearing. It really comes down to treating the fair like an interview. These people are coming to Athens to talk to us because they know what we are capable of as engineers. I need to become comfortable with that concept, and represent my major proudly.

Getting Started on the Job Search

Joe Cook

Joe Cook,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2014 – This semester is unfortunately my last semester at Ohio University. The great thing about graduating college is the prospect of starting my career.

Over the past few weeks I’ve sent my resume to several engineering design firms and started scheduling interviews. The hiring process is equally exciting and terrifying. Fortunately, Russ College has helped me along the way, with my two internships and numerous leadership positions I have no shortage of talking points during my interviews. My experiences, coupled with course work, have prepared me to hold and excel in conversations with professional engineers.

It’s great to meet OU alumni in the “real world”; guys just like me that have excelled and become hiring managers and principal engineers at various companies. I’m hoping to have some luck at the Russ College Career Fair next week as well.

The past four years in Athens have forced me to grow and develop as a professional and I feel confident in my ability to grow as a professional in the water resources and environmental engineering field.

Ready for an Aviation Career

Grant Rhue

Grant Rhue,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 9 February 2014 – As the date of graduation draws closer, I am faced with the question that every university senior is asking themselves – “What’s next?” After four years of learning in Ohio University’s flight program, I have had a multitude of amazing experiences: from my first solo flight in a Piper Warrior (a single engine aircraft), to four years of flight competition with the Flying Bobcats, to being able to represent OU’s Flight Program in the airline industry with my Flight Operations internship at Trans States Airlines, it has been great. OU’s flight program has been exciting and worthwhile.

Now, I am ready for a job—well, almost. There are a number of different ways to reach the 1000 hours of flight time required to be hired by the regional airlines. I have begun looking into contract instructing with the flight academies in Florida to earn a multi-engine instructor certificate and to teach there until I accumulate the required FAA hours.

With the pilot shortage that currently exists, aviation graduates are in high demand, with some regional carriers like Envoy (formerly American Eagle) and Republic Airlines offering $5,000 dollar signing bonuses for new pilots. The demand for commercial pilots is high, and I am pretty happy about that. I have already been offered interviews for reserved spots in airline classes, as soon as I reach the required hours.

With every interview opportunity I have had, I have asked airline recruiters review my resume and give me feedback on ways to improve it. Many of them are supportive and positive about the OU flight program. As with many hiring situations, the airline industry responds well to networking and doing a good job at whatever you undertake. I am looking forward to meeting the recruiters from Republic Airlines when the Russ College of Engineering hosts a career fair on February 17th.