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Learning from a Great Advisor

Claire Hall

Claire Hall,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 2 October 2014

As an incoming freshman, you are paired with a faculty member in your department. It will be your advisor’s duty to help guide you through the process of choosing classes and schedules throughout your time at OU. Sometimes your advisor is the first professor you meet outside a classroom with. You’ll meet your advisor at least one time a semester to go over scheduling classes.

This professor is a huge part of your experience! They become a mentor and are a very important contact to have. If you have questions about changing major, adding minors, adding certificates, adding specific tracks, switching classes, or dropping classes they’re the person to talk to.

My own advisor, Dr. Monica Burdick, has helped me with much more than my classes throughout my four years at OU. Starting my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to work under Dr. Burdick in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department helping with biomedical research experiments. I had a chance to learn about the different options other than classical chemical engineering that you could pursue with my degree.

I was intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the lab and Dr. Burdick’s research. She and her graduate students have helped shape me as an engineer throughout the past couple of years and have also made a huge impact on what I’ve chosen to pursue.

Advisors can be an intimidating first step when coming to OU but these professors are here to help you find out your goals and achieve them! They help and mentor you in many ways throughout the years.

Preparing for P&G After Graduation

Nichole Lowe

Nichole Lowe,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2014 – Ohio University, specifically Russ College, has allowed me to reach my goals. When I graduate, I will be working for Procter & Gamble Research and Development for their Beauty department. Since my freshman year, I have always known that P&G was my dream company. The education here at OU prepared me to be successful in two internships for P&G which led to my full-time job offer.

There is also a lot of assistance here beyond the academics. I had my resumé looked at by the Russ College co-op office and even did a mock interview to prepare myself. Another important resource on OU’s campus that I used sophomore year for my job interview was the quiet rooms provided at Baker for phone and Skype interviews. This was very useful because I did not have to worry about anyone interrupting my interview or having a lot of background noise.

Now that I have already accepted my full time job offer, I am currently in the process of preparing my new apartment. This has truly been an exciting time for me. Despite living in apartments here at OU for two years, getting an apartment for my job feels more official. This process has made me realize that I am truly entering into the real world. Furniture and apartment shopping has been the highlight of the post-graduation plans.

It’s exciting to already know what I will be doing when I graduate and to reflect on the four great years I’ve had as an Ohio university student. I look forward to graduation day and receiving my diploma so I can officially call myself an Ohio University Alum.

Being a Learning Community Leader

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 8 November 2013 – One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Ohio University is the opportunity to be a Learning Community Leader (LCL) for a first-year student Learning Community. This Fall is my second rotation as an LCL; last Fall I worked with Dr. Masel from the ISE department as the LCL for a class of ISE, ETM, and undecided engineering majors and this Fall I’m working with Dr. Schwerha from the ISE department as the LCL for a class of ISE and undecided engineering majors. While my experiences have been largely similar in structure and responsibility load, there have been several significant differences between the two classes; I’m happy to say that this semester, in my opinion, has been much more successful in terms of the relationships I’ve been able to build with our students. I’ll touch on those successes, but first let me give a slight background of my responsibilities as an LCL.

Firstly, I highly recommend any first-year student to enroll in their respective majors’ Learning Community program. The LC Programs are designed to aid first-year students in their transition to university life and I have seen countless students who have benefited from these experiences. My role as an LCL is to work alongside the professor to plan and facilitate classroom discussions that include broad topics such as time management, study skills, team-building, academic advising, leadership, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, and many others. I also work with the students to set up outside-of-class activities that we can all do together that are not only fun for myself and the students, but that open their eyes to the many wonderful opportunities they can find at Ohio University.

As I said before, this is my second year as an LCL. In my first year, I worked with a great professor and learned a lot about myself and about being a leader, but I felt that there was a certain disconnect between me and the first-year students. I think what it boiled down to was that I got off to a slow start with this Learning Community: I had a hard time planning out-of-class events, I thought very little about what kind of relationship I wanted to build with the students, and I didn’t take my responsibility as seriously as I should have. By all accounts, the Learning Community went well, but I knew that I could strive to improve.

This year, Dr. Schwerha and I have been able to build a much greater sense of community within the Learning Community which does wonders for the students’ willingness to participate and become involved in university life. I got off to a much better start to the semester, planning numerous outside-of-class events early on and working to build strong relationships with the students. This semester I wanted to show my students that, yes, I am a senior and I have a professional role in this class, but also that I am still a young person and that each of them can come to me with any types of troubles they may be having and talk to me as an equal. I have enjoyed my time as an LCL immensely and I hope that every first-year student entering into their time at Ohio University can take advantage of that tremendous opportunity.

Career Fairs

Paul Barina

Paul Barina,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2013 – As a soon-to-be-graduating senior here at Ohio University, I decided it was
best to attend any career fairs Ohio University had to offer. The career fairs are a great place to visit to look for work or an internship. Last week, there were two on campus and there was an excitement in the air regardless of why anyone was there.

On Tuesday, there were around 100 companies present for the campus-wide career fair at Baker Center Ballroom. With so many companies and so many
young college students dressed in their best, I could not help but get excited. One great aspect about the career fair is that there are many industries that are present. I saw and spoke to companies within the automotive, medical, food, and general manufacturing industries. This variety of industry allowed me to see what was really out there. Then on Thursday, there was a second career fair just for companies looking to hire Russ College students.

When surveying the options, it was important that I home in on all the engineering companies and more specifically the ones that offer Industrial
Engineering jobs. Once I had identified them, it was time to go show them what I was all about. This part is crucial. I knew that I as a young engineering student did not have long to impress the professionals present. These professionals could be anything from a Human Resource expert to an engineering manager and I knew they knew exactly what to ask and what they wanted to see in me and the other soon to be graduates. When approaching recruiters, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement along with the given nervousness. These nerves might show a little as the first conversations occur, but it is easy to get in a good groove and just rock it as time goes on.

Of course, being able to feel good at the career fair took me quite a good amount of practice. There are resources within the university and Russ College that have helped me secure practice and training to know exactly how to dress, what to say, and even tuning up my resume. The Russ College of Engineering now has a class where undergraduates can go and receive all this vital information weekly.

Overall, I always leave the career fairs put on by Ohio University with a great feeling. I always feel a sense of pride as I leave, knowing I am not only working toward my future career academically through schoolwork but also professionally.

Starting the Job Search

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 23 September 2011 – This September I began my senior and final year at Ohio University and will be graduating in June with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Of course the last year of class means added stress for me: what am I going to do after I graduate?!

Luckily there are plenty of ways for graduating students (or even students looking for co-ops and internships) to find work without leaving campus. The career fairs, both the campus-wide fair and the one specifically for Russ College students and alumni, are great ways to network and earn interviews. Career fairs are a lot of work and are pretty stressful, but nothing really beats meeting a recruiter face to face and handing him or her your resumé yourself.

My favorite way to job search, however, is through the Bobcat CareerLink. The Bobcat CareerLink is a database of jobs created just for OU students and alumni. It’s super easy to use; you just put in your resume, your degree, and your GPA and you can apply for jobs with just one click. There are a ton of jobs, and you can even schedule interviews through the website.

I’m a little sad to be graduating this year, but I’m also really excited to be job-searching and working on starting the next part of my life. My home here in Athens will always be special to me, but I’m ready for something a little higher than my college student income, and I know my dog would love to have a yard to run around in! Luckily, the Russ College and Ohio University is helping me work toward that next step.