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Backpacking Weekend with Outdoor Pursuits

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 24 February 2014 – This past weekend was an opportunity for me to try something new – I went backpacking! Ohio University Outdoor Pursuits is an organization based within the Ping Recreation Center and is best known for operating the climbing wall at the entrance. They also offer many other services such as equipment rental and several trips of varying lengths and difficulty throughout the year. I’ve wanted to give backpacking a try for a while now so a (very reasonably priced) weekend Intro to Winter Backpacking trip sounded like just what I was looking for. Outdoor Pursuits supplied the food and any gear that I didn’t have and we were off to Zaleski State Forest.

The trip was even better than I had hoped. Despite the hike I signed up for, the weather was the surprise beautiful weather that Ohio sometimes decides to tease us with in February. The group had varying levels of experience, and we took the hike at a leisurely pace that gave us all a chance to stretch our legs after being cooped up inside during the last few cold weeks. We hiked out to a campsite and stayed the night there before traveling on to the site where we would camp Saturday night. Saturday afternoon was also probably the best nap of my life. Sunday morning we hiked out and were able to make it back to Athens about half an hour before it began to sleet. Can’t complain about that luck!

Outdoor Pursuits

Being unplugged from society for a couple of days was a fantastic escape from the fast-paced life of a college student. The seven of us were able to create our own schedule, spend unchecked amounts of time sitting admiring the fantastic views of Southeast Ohio, and swap stories while cooking simple meals around a campfire. It was refreshing to get away before coming back and getting a re-energized start on studying for midterms.

Patrick Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 October 2013 – The rock climbing wall here at Ohio University may just seem like just another rock climbing wall at any other school, but it really is not. See, people who aren’t regulars at this second home of mine may seem to miss out on the community we have settled closely in the Ping Center. Friends of all ages and years of school come together and have a great time together and work out and rock climb.


Sometimes school gets stressful, and when it does there is always a cushiony place to fall into, and it’s not that rubber padding at the bottom of the wall. In fact, it’s the people who are there for you the entire way up that plastic rock climbing hold covered wall. I have to say that most of my friends outside of my engineering courses have been made here, and they are all wonderful.


Here at Outdoor Pursuits, there is not only a rock climbing wall. There are plenty of hidden adventures any student can go on if they’d like. There’s anything from back-country backpacking trips to canoeing adventures to even rock climbing expeditions. For anyone who would like to get their fix of outdoor adventures while still managing to be successful in school, Outdoor Pursuits is the place to go.



Hiking in Athens

David Parisi

David Parisi,
Senior, Computer Engineering

Athens, OH 13 February 2013 – Ohio University is located in a very peaceful area, leaving the opportunity for many different ways to get away from the real world. There are a plethora of hiking trails on Ohio University property among the acres and acres of gorgeous ancient trees. On the hikes I’ve taken with friends there are always surprises in store.

My two favorite places to hike are Radar Hill and the Ridges. The Ridges is a retired insane asylum with a few old graveyards that are best walked through at night. Besides just graveyards the ridges contains many hikable trails through its property, surrendering a look into the past with a few abandoned buildings. Radar Hill is a notable hiking spot due to the gorgeous view of all of Athens county available from the highest point in the county.

When my family comes down sometimes we go away from Ohio University and down into Hocking Hills where some even more amazing trails are located. These trails run through ravines and old caves. I can say for certain that my dogs enjoy this hike and so do I. I have yet to make it to hocking hills in the winter but I’ve heard that it is absolutely beautiful. Southeastern Ohio has many hidden gems of hiking trails that I love to explore.

Bicycling in Athens

Evan Teske

Evan Teske, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 24 April 2012 – Since the weather has gotten warmer this quarter you’ll see way more bikers out around Athens. Although town is fairly hilly in parts, it’s actually really bike-friendly, especially with cars already constantly alert and aware of pedestrian traffic. Most streets have a bike lane, and every building has ample bike racks convenient to lock up.
Biking is definitely my preferred means of transportation, especially for getting to class. A walk from home to Stocker in the winter took me upwards of 15 minutes. On a bike I can get to class in less than five, with time to get coffee before class.

The best part about having a bike in Athens though, is the bike trail. The “Hockhocking Adena Biketrail” is a 19 mile biketrail stretching from East State Street to Nelsonville. Through town it runs along the Hocking River, through the golf course, and past Union Street towards The Plains. Nelsonville is about 14 miles from my house taking this route, and it took my roommate and me about an hour and 15 minutes each way. It’s perfect if you have friends to visit at Hocking College or if you’re like us and had an afternoon to spend outside.