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Dinner with the ChBE Professors

Courtney Sterrick

Courtney Sterrick,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 29 September 2014

Last Saturday, the OU Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) held its first “Dinner with the Professors” night of the academic year. Each semester, our organization visits a Chemical Engineering Professor’s house for dinner.

Typically, the first dinner of the year is held at Dr. Ridgway’s house, the advisor of AIChE. The final dinner of the year is the “End of Year Picnic” which is open to all OU Chemical Engineering students.

This year, about 20 ChBEs ranging from freshmen to seniors attended the event in addition to several ChE professors and their spouses. Over the course of the evening, we played cornhole, sat around a warm fire, and spent the evening with friends while listening to music. A couple of pictures from the dinner held at Dr. Ridgway’s are below.

Dinner with ChBE Faculty

Dinner with ChBE Faculty

“Dinner with the Professors” is one of my favorite activities AIChE organizes throughout the year. As a 5th-year senior, I have attended over 10 of these events while at OU. Not only do you have fun with your fellow classmates, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet upperclassmen and bond with your professors outside the classroom. One of my favorite things about OU is the degree we get to know our fellow classmates and faculty because of the smaller class sizes. “Dinner with the Professors” is only one of the many events that provide the opportunity for students to interact with one another as well as with the ChBE faculty.

Homecoming Weekend

Leesha Blake

Leesha Blake, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 17 October 2011 – I have been doing A LOT this quarter! Class work takes up most of my time, but when your classes are as interesting as mine, that’s ok. I think the most interesting class that I’m taking right now is Unit Operations. It’s one of those “putting it all together” kinds of classes. The class is a lot of work, but it is so interesting to finally get to see firsthand what we learned in class. The best part is that we work in groups and there are no exams!

Of course, I have also been doing some fun stuff too. This weekend was homecoming weekend, which was especially fun. On Friday night I went to the hockey game, which (lucky for me!) got rescheduled to be a home game instead of an away game. I love going to the hockey games whenever I can. It’s only a few dollars for students to get in, and the hockey team is really good. One of my friends is on the team, so I like to go and watch him play.

Homecoming celebrations happened all day on Saturday. I went to see the parade on Saturday morning, which required me to get up early, but was totally worth it. My favorite entry was the Chinese dragon made entirely from balloons! And of course the Marching 110 and the alumni band were amazing. Every year, alumni from the 110 come back and play in the parade and during halftime at the football game. They are so much fun to watch because it is obvious that they are having a blast out there. I also went to the game that afternoon, which is a great thing to do on weekends because it’s free for students to go. I left before the end, but it was an exciting game.

I’m also looking forward to all of the fun stuff that is coming up soon. Halloween is always a fun time—-everyone has such great costumes! And I have a couple of Halloween parties already planned. College is busy, but definitely fun!