Weekend with family

Leesha Blake

Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH January 30, 2012 – 

I have been pretty busy these last couple weeks. I had plans for the weekend, so I had to make sure my school work was done ahead of time. I was able to get most of it done, so this weekend I was able to have fun.

My mom came to see me on Friday, and we went to the hockey game. We always have so much fun at the games, and the team played really well. The teams were pretty evenly matched, so it was a very exciting game. Then Saturday morning my mom and I got up early to go visit my great-grandma. It was her 100th birthday, and she was really excited to see us. She had some new quilts to show us (she is very good at quilting and her quilts are always very intricate and pretty), and we got all caught up. That night, we tried to make ice cream using two coffee cans with the cream and sugar in a small can in the middle, and ice and salt in the big can surrounding the little can. We had fun rolling it back and forth on the floor, and my grandma even helped roll it some! When we opened it up we found that it hadn’t frozen even a little bit…so we just put it in the freezer. We tasted it later on and it was very good.

Leesha Blake's Family

Now that I’m back in Athens I have some catching up to do on homework and everything, but it was worth it to go see my grandma and have a good time with my family for the weekend.

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