Starting the Job Search

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 23 September 2011

This September I began my senior and final year at Ohio University and will be graduating in June with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Of course the last year of class means added stress for me: what am I going to do after I graduate?!

Luckily there are plenty of ways for graduating students (or even students looking for co-ops and internships) to find work without leaving campus. The career fairs, both the campus-wide fair and the one specifically for Russ College students and alumni, are great ways to network and earn interviews. Career fairs are a lot of work and are pretty stressful, but nothing really beats meeting a recruiter face to face and handing him or her your resumé yourself.

My favorite way to job search, however, is through the Bobcat CareerLink. The Bobcat CareerLink is a database of jobs created just for OU students and alumni. It’s super easy to use; you just put in your resume, your degree, and your GPA and you can apply for jobs with just one click. There are a ton of jobs, and you can even schedule interviews through the website.

I’m a little sad to be graduating this year, but I’m also really excited to be job-searching and working on starting the next part of my life. My home here in Athens will always be special to me, but I’m ready for something a little higher than my college student income, and I know my dog would love to have a yard to run around in! Luckily, the Russ College and Ohio University is helping me work toward that next step.

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