ASCE Activities

Ivan Caballero

Ivan Caballero, Senior,
Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 28 October 2011

Throughout my whole collegiate career I have been a member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). ASCE is one of many engineering organizations here in Ohio University as well as one of the biggest civil engineering organizations in terms of members. Meetings occur on a bi-weekly basis throughout each quarter where a speaker comes in and talks about a certain civil engineering topic or what they do in their profession. Along with meetings, there is also a social every quarter, and a competition every year.

The OVSC (Ohio Valley Student Conference) is the yearly competition that our ASCE organization is involved in. This competition is broken down into several sub-competitions which include a steel bridge, concrete canoe, surveying, AutoCAD, environmental, and an ethics essay competitions. I am currently working on the steel bridge team where we design and construct a bridge based on specifications given by the OVSC. At the competition our bridge will compete with nine other universities’ bridges, where the bridges are judged based on construction time, deflection, weight, aesthetics, side sway, and total load capacity.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this organization for these past four years. It is a good way to meet people in your major and be a part of some friendly competition with other universities here in Ohio. I would recommend joining ASCE especially to all of the incoming civil engineering students.

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