End-of-Quarter Crunch Time

Leesha Blake

Leesha Blake, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 27 February 2012 – The end of the quarter is getting closer, so now things are getting into crunch time in engineering. I’m going to have a busy two weeks, but I’m hoping to have some fun as well. I have a few reports to finish up for various classes, like unit operations and design. Luckily, a couple of my reports should be fairly easy to write.

One of the reports that I will be writing is actually pretty interesting. In my unit operations class, we perform 4 different experiments, and use the data that we collect to develop relationships and equations that define the systems that we worked with. Then, for the final report for the class, each person in a unit ops group focuses on a different lab that was done during the quarter and uses the equations and relationships that were developed to design an industrial size system.

This sounds pretty intimidating at first, and I’ll admit it can get frustrating at times, but overall it’s actually pretty fun because at the end you have this system that you designed yourself. It really gives a sense of accomplishment to look at what you were able to design by bringing together what you have learned in various engineering classes. The professors are also very helpful if you run into problems while you are trying to design your system. They want you to succeed, so they do everything they can to help you understand your system and find the best way to design it (short of writing the report for you anyway).

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