ETM Robotics Class

Eric Biggins

Eric Biggins, Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 14 November 2011

This quarter I’m taking a class called ETM 464, Robotics Applications. The class deals with all aspects of robots in the manufacturing industry including the wide variety of uses for them in an assembly line whether it is welding, material handling, or palletizing. We have also discussed the various inputs and outputs dealing with robots in the manufacturing world such as grippers/manipulators, conveyor lines and how to get everything to flow easily and communicate together.

I have learned a lot in this class and it has made me understand that when we think of robots and what they can do for us, it doesn’t just mean a futuristic robot we have in our homes that can do our chores. They have been around for quite a long time and have made the way we design and produce products much easier and efficient.

For our final project in the class we were required to have our two robots conduct a palletizing routine with plastic building blocks. The first robot pulled the blocks off of gravity feed and placed them on the conveyor line to move them to the next robot, which pulled them off the line and put them in another gravity feed. Here is a video showing the final project in action.

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