ETM Senior Design Production Run

Eric Biggins

Eric Biggins, Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 5 March 2012

For the past two quarters, I have been taking my senior capstone class. In the Engineering Technology and Management program, our Professor splits our class up into four groups where each group has to design a product from the ground up to be manufactured in a production run at the end of the quarter.

My group was the first one to go in the class in which we built 26 small cabinets in 6 hours. It may not seem like much at first, but we put in an awful lot of work into our project.

We started off by designing the product and making 3-D drawings of it in SolidEdge. Next, we had to build a prototype and all of the tooling that we were going to use in our production run in order to make the multiple batches of the same parts within specification. Along with all of the tooling and drawings we had to make, we also had to make a bill of materials, product structure, cost sheets, flow charts for the movement of parts throughout the lab and much more.

The whole scope of the project is to understand how a real manufacturing facility operates with all of the inputs of a process to come out with a finished product. The ETM senior capstone is a lot of fun, and it gives us seniors the chance to put everything we have learned together in one final project.

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