ETM Summer Internship

Bradley Lang
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 18 September 2011

This past summer I finally was able to work an internship. I was always so worried about it because I always thought that people wouldn’t hire me because I didn’t have any work experience in the Engineering and Technology field. This was one of my big concerns for when I graduated also but when I was looking last spring and nothing seemed to be working for me. My dad called me up and asked if I was still looking for an internship. So I ended up getting an interview with Cool Containers in Marietta, Ohio.

I was so nervous for my interview but I must have done something right because I was hired for the summer. It is a small company so I was thrown right into the fire and started designing, checking out the design, and checking out if the design worked in the units we were producing. The work environment was not as scary as I thought it would be and I learned so many things that will help me receive a job after I graduate. This summer internship was one of my best experiences that I have received while I was at Ohio University.

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