Getting Ready for a New Job

Nicole Sari

Nicole Sari, Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 4 March 2012

As of today I have 13 days left of college. I have been counting down the days for the past 3 months. A week ago I was extremely stressed about job searching and wanted to turn the clock back a tad to buy more time. I was busy with a full schedule of classes and stayed up extremely late night after night job searching on top of that.

Over winter break I had interviewed a couple times for a position. They were unable to hire me because since it was full-time and they needed someone right away, they were unable to wait until I finished up with school. I was getting discouraged and heard from multiple people that chances are slim to none finding a job in my field with this economy. A week ago that same company called me back and wanted to bring me back in because a position opened up.

I am now a proud owner of a full-time job at Landmark Aviation at Port Columbus International Airport. All of my worries are now gone. Within a few days time I have gone from working a day or two a week at an on campus job to working 30 hours in one weekend. For the next couple weeks I will be working on the weekends for training. Once I return from spring break in Daytona Beach I will be working full time. With 3 days of work accomplished, I can say I love my job.

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