Making Time for Friends

Steve Magers

Steve Magers,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 14 February 2012
As the middle of the quarter comes into full swing, so does the work load. It’s easy to find yourself spending long hours in the computer lab and at a desk forgetting what the sun looks like. When you add in student organizations and the apparently inevitable winter cold (or flu) that shows up every year, it becomes easy to forget about your friends and social life. For this reason, it is important to make sure you include your friends in your week.

There are multiple ways to handle this. One way my friends and I have chosen to do it includes using Google Calendar. The calendar allows you to post your schedule and then add contacts that are allowed to view it. My schedule has a handful of different schedules all color-coded which allows me to see who is free during the day.

This has allowed us to set up a weekly lunch where almost everyone can make it to stay in touch. It also helps for impromtu gatherings and the occasional bit of humor; all of which makes the dreary winter quarter less discouraging and more fun!

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