ME Senior Design: E Coli testing

Bill Kandel

Bill Kandel, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 23 February 2012 – Probably the most exciting part about engineering is that every day is different and many days hold unexpected turns. Unlike other majors where you always have a pretty good idea what the day ahead might hold engineering always leaves you guessing.

The most recent surprise was in my senior design project. The project we selected is with a non-profit organization called 1000JobsHaiti. The project is to design a water purification system and manufacturing process that can be created in Haiti using other Haitian materials with the goal of creating jobs around it. Well the other day I found myself in a microbiology lab doing E. Coli testing on filter water, something I would have never thought I would find myself doing as a Mechanical Engineer, but I can’t say it wasn’t interesting.

This element of surprise is certainly something that stretches well beyond the academic arches as well. In the field there is always some process that is broken, needs improvement, or redesigned. As a person who becomes bored very easily, I am glad I chose to become an engineer.

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