Summer PBIO Class

Eric Biggins

Eric Biggins, Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 15 September 2011

Last year I decided to stay and live in Athens for the summer to get a few classes out of the way instead of going back home. I enjoyed my time here so much that I decided to stay again this summer as well so I could take an English class I need in order to graduate.

I took the opportunity to sign up for a Plant Biology class for fun that sounded interesting. The class focused on medicinal plants and their many uses from our region. We met for five hours in the afternoon for just two weeks and went hiking in the woods at many different parks and trails around Athens County.

Not only did I end up learning to recognize over 120 common plants and various uses for them but the class really gave me the chance to explore southern Ohio. After living in Athens for over three years now I’ve realized that there is so much to do here and so many different places to go check out. Taking the Pbio class ended up being so much fun and it gave me the chance to get out and see a lot that Athens has to offer.

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