SWE Girl Scouts Day

Alysia Watson

Alysia Watson, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 8 November 2011

Last Saturday, the Society of Women Engineers at OU (SWE-OU) hosted 2011 Girl Scouts’ Day. We invited girl scouts from local troops to come to OU and learn about engineering. 21 girl scouts were inspired them to think about how they see the world as well as engineering concepts. Led by the wonderful members of SWE, the girls participated in the following activities:

First the girls participated in activities that challenged them to look at things differently. They were to guess how many drops of water could fit on the surface of a penny; they learned it is much more than you would think! The girls then discovered kabob sticks can be passed through a balloon without popping the balloon. After, the challenge was to move water from one cup to another without moving the glass, by using plastic tubing.

Next the girls built their own water filter and their own flashlights to take home. Many of the groups were able to clean the water after a few filtrations. They all loved making their own flashlights!

The last activity was to build a contraption to protect and an egg from a 30-foot drop, most were successful and all had fun!

I did not have the chance to interact with the girls like I would want, since I had to make sure the day ran as smoothly as possible, but I enjoyed the conversation I had with them after they completed all the activities. The most rewarding part for me was when I asked what they had learned about engineering, and one girl very excitedly said that “Engineering is fun.” I hope they all will keep this concept that it is fun and they are capable of being a success in this field.

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