Bicycling in Athens

Evan Teske

Evan Teske, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 24 April 2012 – Since the weather has gotten warmer this quarter you’ll see way more bikers out around Athens. Although town is fairly hilly in parts, it’s actually really bike-friendly, especially with cars already constantly alert and aware of pedestrian traffic. Most streets have a bike lane, and every building has ample bike racks convenient to lock up.
Biking is definitely my preferred means of transportation, especially for getting to class. A walk from home to Stocker in the winter took me upwards of 15 minutes. On a bike I can get to class in less than five, with time to get coffee before class.

The best part about having a bike in Athens though, is the bike trail. The “Hockhocking Adena Biketrail” is a 19 mile biketrail stretching from East State Street to Nelsonville. Through town it runs along the Hocking River, through the golf course, and past Union Street towards The Plains. Nelsonville is about 14 miles from my house taking this route, and it took my roommate and me about an hour and 15 minutes each way. It’s perfect if you have friends to visit at Hocking College or if you’re like us and had an afternoon to spend outside.

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