Cutler Scholarships

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 3 May 2012

One of my jobs is as a webmaster for the Cutler Scholars program. That program is one of the most prestigious and rewarding scholarship programs at OU; students are rewarded with tuition and living expenses, and in return are expected to make global impact (through volunteer, business, and education experiences that cover the globe) and exhibit exceptional academic and behavioral performance.

The Cutler Scholars program has suddenly become very relevant to the Russ College of Engineering and Technology; this year, the program is proud to announce a new scholarship designated exclusively for an outstanding student who has already been accepted by the Russ College of Engineering and who intends to pursue an engineering degree. The administration at Russ College has worked closely with those at Cutler Scholars (it’s cool to see my jobs overlap!) to nominate students, collect and filter applicants, select and interview finalists, and then to finally choose the new scholar.

The Robe/Russ Legacy-Cutler Scholarship is named after two incredible families in recognition of their service and support to the college of engineering.

Dick Robe was dean of the engineering college for 16 years, spent more than 40 years in academia, and lists one of his major accomplishments as participating in the education of more than 10,000 students in his time at OU! Robe has been unfailingly dedicated not only to engineering, but also to the education of new engineers. Though he is retired from academia, his support (and that of his wife, Ellie) continues through endowments which fund scholarships like this one.

You probably recognize the name “Russ”, since it’s the name of our college! Dr. Fritz Russ graduated from the College of Engineering in 1942 and with his wife, Dolores, they began their own company, Systems Research Laboratories, which became extremely successful and very influential among research firms. With that success, the Russes contributed more than $124 million to the Russ College–a gift that is the largest donation given to any public college of engineering in the United States.

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