Looking Back and Looking Forward

Abby Frankart

Abby Frankart, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 11 May 2012

Graduation is like a dangling carrot in front of a horse for me and my fellow seniors. As much as we all are trying to appreciate and savor our last year in undergrad, I feel that many of us are just as ready to be done now. If you think senioritis was bad in high school, you have no idea how bad it is in college.

Oddly enough, as much as I want to graduate, I don’t really want to be an adult either. I now have to worry about things like health care, insurance, finding a place to live, using a realtor, how to move across the country instead of across town, buying real furniture. It doesn’t seem scary, but annoying! I know that I am very capable of completing these tasks, but they are incredibly mundane.

It’s nice to take some time this year to look back at my college life and see the growth in myself, the changes in my priorities, and the changes in my attitude in these four years. So while the future seems slow in comparison, I’m interested to see what changes in the next four years.

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