ME Senior Design Update: 1000 Jobs/Haiti

Abby Frankart

Abby Frankart, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 April 2012 – My senior design capstone project has taken almost 6 months to materialization. This past week we have completed manufacturing the most difficult part of our project. We took our project from customer need, to conceptual design, to manufactured prototype. It has been really rewarding to see this project from beginning to end.
Our project is to design a slow sand filter for the nonprofit organization 1000 Jobs/Haiti. Our filter can be manufactured in Haiti and all materials can be use locally. This will help 1000 Jobs reach its goal of not only creating and sustaining jobs, but the filter itself will provide clean water to many people who do not have access to it.

The filter is in a concrete housing. The varying layers of gravel and sand make the filter bed. This bed not only removes particulates, but over time a biological layer grows in the top layers of the filter bed which filters out harmful bacteria. Slow sand filter designs have seen up to 99.9% removal rates in e.coli and other coliforms.

The first picture is me grinding down some of the welds on part of the mold. The second picture is the finished concrete mold that can be reused for multiple filters.

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