OU, Oh Yeah

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 May 2012

So just about everyone knows that Ohio University is ranked the number one party school in the nation, but I feel like people blow that ranking way out of proportion. Yes we have one of the largest/greatest Halloween parties every year and yes we have a fest season that can get out of control every now and then, but that’s not all as it seems.

The ironic thing is that the fact that we are ranked number one makes people want to prove it. It makes people visiting the campus think they can do whatever they want because it’s ‘just a party school’. My freshman year during the infamous Palmerfest, that weekend there were some 110 arrests. What most people don’t know is that the majority of them (about 100) weren’t even from Ohio University. A large number were from Ohio State University or other universities and were just visiting for the weekend.

Again, yes we do have some pretty famous parties that do get a tad out of hand now and then but those are just two weekends out of the year, and mostly due to out-of-towners. In the end we’re like any other college when it comes to partying. The point is that partying is some people’s only reason for choosing Ohio University and I can tell you right now that if that’s why you’re coming here you won’t last a year. There are many reasons to choose Ohio University, the academics, the campus, the atmosphere, and so many more. So choose Ohio University but don’t just expect a party school.

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