Summer Aviation Flight Course

Grant Rhue

Grant Rhue,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 30 August 2012 – Over summer quarter, I participated in flight courses in order to accelerate my progress in the aviation program at Ohio University. The program’s fleet of aircraft is based at OU’s Snyder Field, which is just ten minutes from the main campus. I worked on ground school curriculum or flew at least once per day, Monday through Friday.

For my flight slots, I flew one of our seven Piper PA-28A-161 aircraft with glass cockpits that the university purchased new in 2005. During my flights, I practiced approaches that varied from Instrument Landing Systems using glide slope to GPS approaches using satellites and the most up-to-date navigation technology. After the approach and landing segment of my program was completed, I flew with my instructor to different airports across Ohio and West Virginia. We visited Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport that is next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as the Morgantown and Charleston, West Virginia airports. These were great learning flights, and offered the bonus of seeing all of these scenic areas from the air.

Before the end of summer quarter, I was able to complete the instrument course, take my checkride, and earn my instrument rating, an accomplishment that I was happy about. With my instrument rating, I can fly through clouds and meteorological conditions that weren’t permitted with only my private pilot’s license. Now, I am starting the next course that will allow me to earn my commercial pilot certificate.

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