Missing Athens

David Parisi

David Parisi,
Senior, Computer Engineering

Athens, OH 15 September 2012 – This summer I did some vacationing in Europe and took online classes back home in Cleveland. I was only able to visit our Athens (not the Greek one) a few times this summer, and during those times I had to take proctored exams for my online classes. I did not have much time to really enjoy Ohio University culture and boy have I missed it. Being back at school feels great. Yes, I always miss my family and friends back home, but there is just something about being back at OU. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it has to be some sort of combination of the students, friends, professors, layout of the college, and the Ohio University atmosphere. It just feels like I belong here.

I moved into my new apartment a week before school started, and it is now very convenient to go to classes since I live right next to the engineering buildings. While I’ve been back I’ve been busy with schoolwork but have been able to make some free time to see my friends. It is always a blast to go uptown with them. A few nights ago one of professors was playing in a band up on stage at a local brewery. He played an amazing saxophone and we were all surprised and very excited to see him. It is always a good time in Athens whenever we go out.

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