Digital Game Design

Weston Martin

Weston Martin,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, 22 September 2012 – This semester at Ohio University I am in a total of 6 classes. My AI (artificial intelligence) class is definitely among my favorites and a lot of my friends agree that a course about artificial intelligence sounds pretty awesome. However, many of them are surprised to find out that it is not my favorite class this semester. Many of them ask me “What could possibly be better than a class about creating machines that think and act like humans?” The answer is digital game design.

In the class, we learn about what makes games fun and addicting as well as challenging and rewarding to play. We learn through hands on experience and we actually get into teams and design our own games! The professor both encourages us to think outside of the box and challenges us to not just look at the obvious of what aspects of a game is good or not, but rather to understand why certain parts of the game make us experience different things and why those experiences are good or bad.

And the best thing about the class is that part of our homework is to play video games! We then take the experiences from the game we just played and pick it apart into different pieces and describe those pieces. I have already learned a lot from this class and it has only been four weeks since the class began! Although I enjoy most of my classes, this is one of the few classes that I always look forward to attending no matter what and I am actually excited when the professor hands out assignments. I am very excited to see where the class takes me in the future and I hope to one day use my degree in computer science to do exactly what this class is teaching me to do, design and program video games for everyone to enjoy.

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