ETM Senior Design Project

Ethan Wolfe

Ethan Wolfe,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 30 September 2012 – This semester I am taking my capstone class ETM 4620. This is a class that combines everything we’ve learned into one semester. This class does a great job of preparing me for the future in the technology field from group work to being set on a strict timeline with no exceptions. The class is split into three teams, five members per team, and each team has to design a product to be made for the class. Part of the class is operations management so we have to manage our time using a set schedule so we have all the kinks worked out by the time we head to our production run near the end of the semester. Time management is very crucial for this project and it is helping me stay on task and not procrastinate my work.

My group has designed a drink coaster set with a case to hold them. The coaster will have an Ohio University logo engraved on them and the box will have a glass insert in the lid with an OU logo etched into it as well. We are in the middle of a prototype build, with all intentions of fixing any flaws before we start making specialized tooling for our production run.

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