2012 Flight Competition

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 15 October 2012 – How would you like to compete against schools like OSU, Kent, and the University of Cincinnati from the cockpit? That’s exactly what I got the chance to do this past week at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Regional Competition. Held at Kent State University this year, the competition lasts 5 days and lets the best collegiate pilots in the region put their skills to the test. We battled frost, high winds, and storms but still got through the entire competition.

There are 4 flying events and 5 ground events. In short-field Landings you must land the plane on or as close as possible to a chalk line drawn on the runway. In Power-off Landings you must do the same thing, but you cannot use engine power in the approach. In Navigation, I planned a cross-country flight and had to fly as close to my planning as possible, all the while looking for secret “checkpoints” on the ground. In Message Drop we buzzed the runway and dropped message boxes close to a barrel on the ground. Ground events included Simulator, Aircraft Recognition, Flight Computer, SCAN, and Preflight.

Our team had a blast and got 4th place overall for our region. We’re looking forward to the National competition in spring at OSU!

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