Intramural Sand Volleyball

Steve Burns

Steve Burns,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 16 October 2012 – I have participated in intramural sports throughout my years in college. I have found it to be a great way to take a break from school work for a while, spend time with friends, and get some exercise. I have normally participated on basketball or softball teams over the years, but this fall my friends and I decided to try something new, sand volleyball.

Joining the sand volleyball league has definitely turned out to be a fun time. Every Monday evening our team and three others converge on the sand volleyball courts here on campus to play for an hour or so; playing each team in our league multiple times over the 7 week season. It works out great because it seems as though all the teams in our league are in it to have fun, yet the games are still competitive and exciting.

Playing sand volleyball in the fall has also made this league quite entertaining. When the league started near the beginning of the semester the weather was perfect, games were played in shorts and t-shirts. This has changed drastically over the past month. Now the fall weather is starting to really cool off and apparently rain isn’t an issue in volleyball because two of our matches have been played in the rain. This makes the end of matches interesting because everyone is covered in cold, wet, cement-like sand. Sounds fun, right? With our last match of the season approaching, I am now looking forward to finding a new sport to try over the second half of fall semester.

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