Civil Engineering Experimental Methods

Joe Cook

Joe Cook,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 20 November 2012 – The leaves are down and fall has officially arrived in Athens. With only three weeks left in this semester
I’m happy to say we are in the home stretch. Today is the last day of class before Thanksgiving break and I’m ready for the short break.

The final project for my Civil Engineering Experimental Methods class is due in two weeks and I’m excited about the open ended format of the project. The class is designed to give civil engineering seniors the knowledge to design and implement data acquisition and analysis systems on real world projects. Real world projects include structural health of buildings and bridges, highway loading and safety analysis, dynamic structural loading due to earthquakes, environmental monitoring and sampling of contaminated sites, or simple concrete maturity analysis. I and a group of three of my peers have chosen to review publications on highway loading and safety analysis. The project includes a peer review paper and a 15 minute presentation on our particular case studies. I enjoy public speaking and love presenting information pertinent to my field of study, so this project is right up
my alley.

This fall isn’t only projects and homework, it’s also football season. I live with four other guys; our areas of study are civil engineering (me), engineering technology and management, middle childhood education, sociology, and chemistry. Despite our varied educational interests we can all still sit down to a good football game on Saturday, or any day of the week for that matter, and just enjoy the show. Although our Bobcats aren’t doing as well as I would like there is still plenty to be excited about around our house. I won’t mention team names, but two house teams are still undefeated. Let’s hope at least one team stays that way, I’d hate to see my 22 year old roommate cry.

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