Computer Simulation Project

Steve Burns

Steve Burns,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 20 October 2012 – The end of the semester always comes with final projects, used to wrap up a course. This semester I am taking a class called industrial computer simulation. The course is all about modeling real world systems to be able to identify ways to improve and better it. For our final project in industrial computer simulation, we have the opportunity to model–or simulate–a specific unit in a hospital. I am excited to complete the project because it has the potential to be utilized in a real life setting; it is not just a problem from a textbook. For this assignment we were given actual data from the hospital, and even had the chance to visit the hospital to take a tour and ask questions, so that we could better understand the task at hand.

The goal of this assignment is to help the hospital better utilize their resources. These resources include nurses, rooms and beds. Better utilization of these resources could help the hospital save money by eliminating possible unnecessary processes, and better utilization of resources will also help to effectively treat more patients.

So far my group is not extremely far into the project. We haven’t yet completed a working model of the hospital unit, but have been discussing ways in which we can go about creating it. A lot of the work entails trial and error as we must create portions of the model, and check to see if it works as it is suppose to, like the actual hospital unit. Again, I am excited to complete the assignment and get feedback because this project has the potential to be utilized in the real world, and is not just a grade on a paper.

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