Kinematics Project: 4-bar Door Hinge

Scott Kostohryz

Scott Kostohryz,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 November 2012 – This year has been very exciting and I have learned very much. One of my classes, Kinematics, has a term project everyone must complete. In groups of two, we have to choose a mechanism in which we analyze the position, velocity, acceleration, and the internal forces of this mechanism. My partner and I chose a 4-bar door hinge to analyze. We have to go through and derive all the formulas for analysis, as well as write a Matlab program that shows the motion of the door and links. The program also calculates the position, velocity, acceleration, and the internal forces inside the links.

The project has gone very well so far. As we have learned new topics throughout the semester, we have continuously been adding to our project. I have never been one to put things off till the last minute, and it has worked very well for this project. I have really enjoyed being able to look at something we see and use so often and be able to analyze and break it down and understand more about it. Below, there is an image of the mechanism my partner have been analyzing all semester.


Dr. Bob has been a great help in completing our project and helps point us in the right direction if we need any, he wants to make sure we have a complete understanding of the topics we discuss in class. At the end of this project, we will present our findings to the rest of the class. I am looking forward to finishing our ME 3011 Capstone project and seeing what other topics have been chosen in the class.

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