Mechanical Engineering Senior Design: BREW AN GO

Sanusi Shehu

Sanusi Shehu,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 6 December 2012 – In Ohio University, all Mechanical Engineering seniors are required to take a yearlong senior design class before graduation. We are required to work together in teams and select an engineering project that will have a positive impact in the lives of people, as the theme of the class is Designing to Make a Difference. The projects have ranged from designing a more robust wheel chair to assist people with disabilities, to developing a gravity fed water filtration system that can efficiently deliver clean water in Haiti.

BREW AN’ GO is the name of my senior design team. It stands for Batch Reclamation and Evacuation of Waste for Animal Nutrition and Green Operations.Our client, Jackie O’s, is in the process of expanding their brewery to a new location. During the new brewing process, they will have hundreds of pounds of wet grain that will be sent to farmers to feed livestock. Our goal is to create a system to unload the spent grain from a brewery tank into a transportation vehicle parked outside of the new brewery location.


For a while, we worked closely with our client to brainstorm feasible design concepts for our project. We came up with many feasible concepts such as using single/multiple conveyors, using a combination of an auger & a conveyor, using a customized wheelbarrow and an auger, and many more. In the end, we decided to use and bin on roller and a bin lifter as shown in the plan below. Our decision came down to the cheapest, simplest and safest system that will do the job.


In the future, we will be designing and constructing an effective working prototype using some cool machines here at Ohio University, and I cannot wait!

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