Finals Week

Paul Barina

Paul Barina,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 13 December 2012 – Being a student at Ohio University during finals week, or probably a student at any university means long nights, energy drinks, and a lot of stress. Being a student at Ohio University within the Russ College of Engineering and Technology can mean a few different things though.

A special bond exists among engineering students during the stressful days of finals, as I’m sure exists amongst other majors throughout Ohio University. This bond shows dedication and excitement for the future. This bond says “Yeah, we survived Calculus-based Physics”, without even talking about it. We secretly know it’s okay to nerd out and get excited about the quickest or best way to construct, a bridge, machine, or warehouse system.

Finals week although stressful, does not mean professors and other college mentors forget about us, just because classes are over. This is a time of continued guidance and instruction. Office doors remain open, as professors stay vigilant and ready to help.

Stocker Center and The Academic Research Center, home of Engineering and other straggling students, can be a beehive of activity. Study Rooms filled to the max, makeshift study cocoons spread throughout the entire building, with students trying to capture concepts and theories for the following day’s exam. This is the place to be during the dreaded week of finals.

Finally the students, who have been by your side all semester, or in some cases for the last 3 years, are available for support. Learning with other students can sometimes be a secret weapon. Explaining concepts and ideas amongst peers can help make the difference.

Ohio University Engineering Students hold a certain pride and set of standards known throughout the University. Integrity, honor and respect at the forefront help guide our creations into the future. We know regardless of that one stressful final, we are going to make a difference in the world.

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