Winter Semester Courses

Joe Cook

Joe Cook,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 22 January 2013 – Winter semester, time to shake off the dust and get back to class. This semester I have a really interesting course load. I’m taking a course called Water Quality Engineering that covers aquatic chemistry. The course deals heavily in chemistry, but the content we learn is very practical. The methods we learn allow me as a civil engineer to judge the condition of a sample of water based on chemical, biological, and physical composition. To put it simply, I can tell you if water is safe for swimming, drinking, or even laboratory use.

On the flip side I’m also taking a physical education course, bowling. Not the most strenuous activity, but it’s fun to pull myself away from the engineering side of things and just throw a 16 pound ball at some wood for 2 hours every other day.

In addition to classes, I was recently appointed president of the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter, and the duties I’ve assumed with that position are keeping me busy as well. I can’t wait to see our concrete canoe come out of the mold and get painted. I’m looking forward to the competition in April to prove our design and have some fun in Cleveland at our yearly conference.

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