Traveling to China

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 January 2013 – One thing every student loves about Ohio University is its unusually long winter break. On semesters, we have a month off for winter break, these four weeks gave me the opportunity to visit my dad. For the past seven years or so my dad has been working in China and living there for the past year and a half. We’ve always been a close family so it can be difficult to not be able to call him up whenever I want to. After Christmas this year my mom, sister, and I went to visit him in Shanghai.


Shanghai is pretty different than the US, especially compared to Athens. For starters, there is a 13 hour time difference which takes a couple days to adjust to. The trip was a ton of fun though; we went to the top of the third tallest building in the world and visited an aquarium with the longest underwater tunnel in the world.


It was also just great to spend time as a family for more than a couple days at a time. I was never able to visit my dad during the summer because I always worked so this four week break was the only time I was be able to see how my dad lives half way around the world.

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