Winter Activities at OU

Erica Toussant

Erica Toussant,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 4 February 2013 – Athens can get pretty cold in the winter time with the unpredictable weather. While this makes walking to class undesirable, there are other activities worth braving the wind and snow for including 1) the men’s basketball games 2) Ohio Hockey games and 3) recreational skating hours at Bird Arena.

The men’s basketball program has been progressing over the last few years, and of course, last year they made it to the Sweet Sixteen. This has only intensified the atmosphere surrounding basketball season. The Ozone could quite possibly be one of the best student cheering sections. With everyone chanting together and the pep band playing classic OU songs, you can’t help but get pumped up during the game. If you want some school spirit, the varsity men’s basketball games are a sure way to get it.

Bird Arena isn’t exactly the most noticeable building on campus, but it holds some fun and exciting events. Men’s Hockey can be a pretty big deal. Though it’s not a varsity sport, opponents can be from pretty big schools across the country. It’s awesome how fast the game is played, and the drama and fights between players is an added bonus to the experience.

For a little more participation on your part at Bird, recreational skating occurs on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as weekends. Students get in free, though skates can be rented for a few dollars. It’s a great place to go with friends, and in my case, try something new. Bird Arena is where I first ice skated. I could possibly be the worst ice skater ever, but it sure was fun. As I continue to go back every now and then, I am improving. Whether it be hockey or ice skating, be sure to dress warm because you really won’t escape much of the cold in Bird.

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