Hiking in Athens

David Parisi

David Parisi,
Senior, Computer Engineering

Athens, OH 13 February 2013 – Ohio University is located in a very peaceful area, leaving the opportunity for many different ways to get away from the real world. There are a plethora of hiking trails on Ohio University property among the acres and acres of gorgeous ancient trees. On the hikes I’ve taken with friends there are always surprises in store.

My two favorite places to hike are Radar Hill and the Ridges. The Ridges is a retired insane asylum with a few old graveyards that are best walked through at night. Besides just graveyards the ridges contains many hikable trails through its property, surrendering a look into the past with a few abandoned buildings. Radar Hill is a notable hiking spot due to the gorgeous view of all of Athens county available from the highest point in the county.

When my family comes down sometimes we go away from Ohio University and down into Hocking Hills where some even more amazing trails are located. These trails run through ravines and old caves. I can say for certain that my dogs enjoy this hike and so do I. I have yet to make it to hocking hills in the winter but I’ve heard that it is absolutely beautiful. Southeastern Ohio has many hidden gems of hiking trails that I love to explore.

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