English Classes are Important Too

Colton Moran

Colton Moran,
Junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 17 February 2013 – As an engineer, I don’t always have the chance to explore my interests by taking classes outside my major. So when a class is required and of great interest to me outside of engineering it’s like striking gold. This semester I am taking a English 3080J course that is themed on medieval times. The class is so different than most classes I have taken and it has shown me that I have a real interest in writing as well as reading medieval literature. The first portion of the class was based off a reading by Chrétien de Troyes, a story he wrote called “Yvain the Knight with the Lion”. It was a Romantic novel that to my surprise was a great read. It contained action, romance and deep rooted symbolism that unlike most literature spurred my interested. Then after having the chance to read such a great novel we were assigned to write one.

This is where I truly got a chance to experience something new in college–never before have I been asked to tap into my creative side to such an extent. I really enjoyed the release from such an analytic approach to homework assignments and papers that are part of the engineering curriculum. I enjoyed it to the point that I wrote 4000 words or 10 pages for an assignment that was only supposed to be 1100 words or 3-4 pages. This ambition to write so much didn’t come from the fact that I was looking to increase my grade, but came about because after taking so many engineering courses this class was something I could enjoy and not stress out about.

In all, it may just be the beginning of the semester but this English course has been a great way for me to experience more of my creative side. This mixed with my engineering courses has the makings of a great semester and I for one am excited to mix it up and work both the left and right sides of my brain.

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