Career Fairs

Paul Barina

Paul Barina,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2013 – As a soon-to-be-graduating senior here at Ohio University, I decided it was
best to attend any career fairs Ohio University had to offer. The career fairs are a great place to visit to look for work or an internship. Last week, there were two on campus and there was an excitement in the air regardless of why anyone was there.

On Tuesday, there were around 100 companies present for the campus-wide career fair at Baker Center Ballroom. With so many companies and so many
young college students dressed in their best, I could not help but get excited. One great aspect about the career fair is that there are many industries that are present. I saw and spoke to companies within the automotive, medical, food, and general manufacturing industries. This variety of industry allowed me to see what was really out there. Then on Thursday, there was a second career fair just for companies looking to hire Russ College students.

When surveying the options, it was important that I home in on all the engineering companies and more specifically the ones that offer Industrial
Engineering jobs. Once I had identified them, it was time to go show them what I was all about. This part is crucial. I knew that I as a young engineering student did not have long to impress the professionals present. These professionals could be anything from a Human Resource expert to an engineering manager and I knew they knew exactly what to ask and what they wanted to see in me and the other soon to be graduates. When approaching recruiters, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement along with the given nervousness. These nerves might show a little as the first conversations occur, but it is easy to get in a good groove and just rock it as time goes on.

Of course, being able to feel good at the career fair took me quite a good amount of practice. There are resources within the university and Russ College that have helped me secure practice and training to know exactly how to dress, what to say, and even tuning up my resume. The Russ College of Engineering now has a class where undergraduates can go and receive all this vital information weekly.

Overall, I always leave the career fairs put on by Ohio University with a great feeling. I always feel a sense of pride as I leave, knowing I am not only working toward my future career academically through schoolwork but also professionally.

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