Spring Break Relaxation

Erica Toussant

Erica Toussant,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 12 March 2013 – Over this year’s spring break, I took a week vacation in Florida. The break was early March so the northern part of FL was still cold. Luckily, I was down in Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. I was going to visit my boyfriend and some of his family he was staying with as he trained for the NFL draft.

I woke up super early the first Saturday of the break to drive to Columbus to catch my flight at 7:50am. I grabbed my backpack (I packed very light!) and was on my way. After a quick layover at the first stop, I landed in Florida around 1:00pm. It wasn’t as warm as I had hoped, but it certainly was much warmer than Ohio, and the temperature gradually increased throughout my stay. I got to spend the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday with my boyfriend. We spent this time by going to the movies, grabbing desserts at a fancy restaurant at the top of a building in South Beach, eating a home cooked meal with his aunt and uncle, and just relaxing by the pool at his cousin’s place.

Throughout the week, while he was training, I found ways to occupy myself. I read a really great book while I sat at the pool, looked around shops that I really had no business looking in considering the outrageous price tags, and taking walks on the beach. His aunt and uncle and a couple of her friends took me to the beach the one day. So, I got to meet these new people who are from other parts of Ohio.

Unfortunately halfway through the week, I woke up with sun poisoning and had to skip my scheduled trip to a nearby beach. I used the day to do some laundry and catch up on some shows and some sleep, but I made sure the following days were spent in the sun.

The trip was relaxing and exactly what I needed in the middle of this busy semester. It was a spring break to remember, not one about the usual college spring break trips, but one about me meeting new people, catching some rays, and learning an awesome new game called rummikub.

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