OU Cru

Weston Martin

Weston Martin,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 24 March 2013 – One of the best parts about being a student at Ohio University is the variety of student organizations. No matter who you are or what you like, there is an organization for you. The student organizations I am a part of have helped me get to know a lot more people and make a lot more friends. Some organizations even plan fun trips you can go on which brings me to what I did during my spring break.

This year I became part of a Christian student organization called Cru. I have met some of my closest friends through Cru and a few weeks ago I got to go with some of them to Panama City Beach in Florida for spring break. About 50 OU students, many of whom I did not know very well, got in a bus and drove 16 hours together down to Florida for a conference and met up with students from other universities that have Cru at their school.

We stayed right on the beach and enjoyed the (almost) warm Florida weather. I got to hear a lot of great speakers every day and had a lot of fun hanging out with the people I didn’t know very well. By the end of the week, I could no longer say I didn’t know any of the 50 OU students very well and I’m definitely glad I went. If you are a current college student or will be one soon, I definitely encourage you to find a student org that interests you and GET INVOLVED. Not only do you get to take trips to awesome places like Florida, but you also make friends that are irreplaceable and have more fun then you can imagine.

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