Planning for My Last Year

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 15 April 2013 – It’s almost May, and that means one thing: graduation! As a senior I have watched as my friends fuss over getting resumes in order, finding a job, and moving their things out. However, I have none of these worries; after much deliberation, I decided to stay a fifth year.

I was skeptical at first, thinking that I needed to stay on track and graduate in four years, but there were so many reasons to stay! The biggest factors in my decision were my desire to complete 2 minors–Spanish and Meteorology–along with taking advantage of work opportunities that the Aviation program offers.

I minored in Spanish because I like the language and the culture, and it gives me another career option should I ever not be able to fly. A minor in Meteorology is very helpful when paired with my flight training; as pilots we are constantly affected by the weather and always need to know current conditions and be able to analyze data to predict future conditions.

I also plan on flight instructing for the university next year. As a Certified Flight Instructor I will be giving students the necessary training they need to get their Private Pilot Certificate and Commercial License. While instructing, I plan on applying for the position as co-pilot of OU’s King Air 350. This plane is used by Ohio University’s Air Transportation Service and provides transportation for employees.

And I am also excited to continue as an Engineering Ambassador for another year!

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