Leaving Ohio, Heading to Work

Sam Williams

Sam Williams,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 23 April 2013 – It’s down to the wire: we’re all facing the last two weeks of school this year. For me and many others, this is the last stretch of undergrad ever. This is both exhilarating and terrifying. On the one hand we’ll be moving on to bigger and better things, like grad school, jobs, or year-long breaks traveling the world, to name a few. But on the other, we’ll be leaving behind friends and experiences we may not ever have again.

Personally, I’m headed into the workforce. My job search was long, bumbling, and more often than not, hair-fall-out-ingly stressful. I made all the newbie mistakes. I made my portfolio too big, unorganized, made my resume too wordy, and shotgunned out applications with barely enough time to make sure I hadn’t insulted my reader by mixing up company names.

I also did some things right. I started working on my portfolio, resume, and general web presence in October, giving myself plenty of time to attend to mistakes and revise my image based on classmates’ feedback. I also kept all my professional content true to myself and my goals. I didn’t try to be anything I’m not.

After a lot of hard work and mistakes, I finally landed a pleasing offer at Sunstorm Games in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve just signed on with them and I’m very excited to start working with them this summer. There, I will be helping their art team make mobile children’s games, a job that will put my major to perfect use! I’m looking forward to having my own place, earning money, and working with a group of people who treat me like a valued friend and comrade.

I’m wishing luck to all other graduates, no matter what their plans may be. OU, Oh Yeah!

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