Engineering Ambassadors: Public Speaking Workshop

Marissa Singley

Marissa Singley,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 September 2013 – Last weekend, the ambassadors participated in a workshop about public speaking skills. This proved to be a great experience for us as individuals, and also relevant to the work we do as Engineering Ambassadors.

We started the day out by doing an activity in which we had 5 minutes to interview a person we did not previously know and they had to interview us. We asked just the basic questions. Where are you from? Major? Etc. However, we tried to get some information that was interesting and would stick with the group to get to know each other. We then had to introduce our partners to the class. This was actually a little more difficult than you would imagine! After only talking to someone for 5 minutes you really do not know enough information to be able to give an audience their story in 30 seconds.

The next activity involved impromptu speaking. We were given an opening line of saying your topic and following it up with “That reminds me of a time when…”. As strange as that was to start off it really gave you a place to start. We all have a story that can relate to a topic, it is just a matter of coming up with it on the spot. We sat in the middle and had to speak on a topic that was just given to us for 90 seconds. We were then split into groups and told we would have to present to the class on a topic chosen for us. My group got to present to a town council about throwing a block party. While we ate lunch we planned out our presentation and then launched our idea. It went over great and was a great day to end the day. We are currently looking into the other workshops that are offered because we felt it was so beneficial.

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