Fall Semester Activities

Scott Kostohryz

Scott Kostohryz,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 15 October 2013 – I have been very excited for this Fall Semester. As a senior, I have begun ME 4701/2 (the senior design series), Halloween in Athens is almost upon us and football season is in full swing. I have been fortunate to be selected to partake in Robe Leadership. The course is only offered to senior engineering students in the fall. As a Robe Scholar, you have the ability to speak with great leaders in industry and learn about leadership development and some of the skills that can be improved upon. There is a leadership analysis of a leader of your choice and self-reflection in the course. Robe Leadership is exciting because students have the ability develop professional skills while developing technical skills in my other lectures and labs.

In senior design, we will be working with ATCO here in Athens. We will be assisting with the creation of the Passion Flowers, which is shown below. The Passion Flower is very popular in Athens. A passion flower is made from metal printing sheets from the Athens Messenger that have been washed, die cut, and assembled. My senior design team, Flower Power, will be assisting with the cleaning of the metal sheets for ATCO. Our hope as a team is to create a project where we can help workers with physical and mental handicaps complete the job. Currently managers are the only ones allowed cleaning the sheets for safety concerns using a power washer.

ATCO Passion Flower

I am also a resident assistant for my third year on campus in Sargent Hall. I could not be more excited. I have some great residents, some of whom are mechanical engineering students. In senior design, my partner and I are mentors for the first year mechanical engineering students enrolled in ME 1010. I have the ability to work closely with two residents in Sargent Hall who are also mechanical engineering students. I have enjoyed my time as an RA. Giving back to the residents and helping students in ME 1010 with their project has been a great experience.

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