Attending the SWE National Conference

Talli Topp

Talli Topp,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 29 October 2013 – I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers and we got to go to the national conference in Baltimore, Maryland last week. The conference was really interesting; there were a lot of seminars on both days and a giant career fair on the second day. A few of the seminars I went to were about things you don’t think about when you are looking to your future. One was about how to deal with having a family and being an engineer, and another was about how to decide if relocating for your job would be worth it.

I found the seminars to be really helpful in a couple of different ways. Being that having a family is a ways off for me, I had never really given much thought before to juggling a family and a career. I had also never considered all that goes into relocating. I knew that the cost of living is different in some places, but I never considered all of the other financial differences from one city to the next. The relocating seminar I went to handed out worksheets that helped you figure out how much money you would have left in your hand after you pay for all of your other expenses.

The career fair was also really cool to be a part of. There were so many big and small companies there looking for engineers for all different kinds of positions, from internships to full time positions. There were also representatives there for Graduate Schools. It was a little overwhelming, but it was a great experience overall.

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