Project Management, Facilities, Econ, and Bio

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 3 November 2013 – As my college career is culminating into my final year, each semester of classes is more interesting than the one before. One of my favorite aspects of my class schedule is its diversity. I am currently enrolled in three of my ‘major’ classes and three electives required by my degree.

My project management class gives me the chance to work in teams with new people to develop and present a potential project idea. It’s fun to witness the range of ideas that appear, from building a new bar uptown to building an island. Still it’s amazing to see the similarities in the decision-making process for the different scopes of projects.

My favorite class is about designing layouts for various facilities. We have to come up with the most effective arrangement of various departments in a given building considering a variety of factors. Even in designing the skeleton of the building itself, a number of systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) need to come together to create an optimal work environment.

I also get to stretch my legs and go across campus to study economics and human biology. Econ is a neat class, especially because taking a federal macroeconomics gives me a flip-side perspective to the small-scale microeconomics class I took freshman year. I like having the chance to see how society works, not just my personal engineering projects.

I am so excited to be able to finally take a biology class though, especially an anatomy class. Perhaps it’s the systems engineer in me, but I love seeing how the different systems in the body interact to create such a complex organism (my molecular biology roommate also likes that I now understand more than 40% of what she says). The class has also motivated me to want to work on designing harder and more complex systems that take into consideration a number of factors.

As I’m scheduling next semester, my classes are all in the engineering building, but I’ll be sure to schedule an extra, just to give me some perspective.

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