Mechanical Engineering Senior Design: ATCO

Marissa Singley

Marissa Singley,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 September 2013

This year I am in the mechanical Engineering Senior Design Class. There are 4 other people on my team and we are working with ATCO/Passion Works. This is a local company that employs individuals with disabilities to create works of art. One of their main projects is the Passion Flowers. There are many different sizes of these flowers and are very popular in the Athens area. The goal for my senior design group is to invent a system to clean ink off of the metal sheets from the local newspapers. These metal sheets are painted and then constructed into the flower formation you see here.

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

Right now we are developing a design for this system. The process has been rather extensive and yet, so much fun! We have done tests and really got to get our hands dirty with these sheets. I have learned so much from this experience about how much really goes into the design process. Not only do we get to design this system, but we also get to manufacture and implement it. We can really make a difference for this company and that is truly heartwarming. This is a yearlong project and we get to see it from beginning to end. This class can really give you a feel for industry.

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

While we go through this process, I have gotten to know my classmates really well. The opportunity to work with those whose minds work differently is a challenge and a learning experience. It is eye opening to how creative some of my friends are and can be. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with these people and to do something great for the community!

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

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